About Us


Object Media is a boutique custom software development company based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have been developing software for 20 + years.

We are...

Murray Ware


Dave Gardner


Roger Yuen


 Software developement for web, mobile and desktop

At Object Media, we develop custom software solution for the web, mobile devices and Windows desktop.

With over 20 years in software development, Object Media is an established, capable and reliable choice for all of your software development services.

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 Website Marketing

Creating a good looking website these days is amazingly easy using the huge library of website frameworks and templates. That's where we start.

But, crafting the content of a website to optimise the presentation and marketing of every facet of your business requires particular skills.

We have many years experience in media production and marketing. We'll work with you to refine the design of your site making sure the message is precise and the narrative is clear and logical, giving your business that leading edge.

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 IT Services

These days, just about every organisation makes use of Information Technologies at some level. We provide range of complimentary IT services with the aim of improving the efficiency in the way organisations use today's advanced technologies.

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 Media Production

We can provide all media including images and video for your web site, as well as other marketing uses.

With an extensive background in commercial photography and video production, we have the expertise to produce high quality media for your site.

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Object Media is owned and managed by Reel Media Pty Ltd.