IT Services

Just about every business relies to some extent on computer based technologies. Having reliable and efficient computer infrastructure is really important.

You'll probably have several computers or devices; workstations, laptops, printers and moble devices each connected to the network directly or via the internet.

Object Media offers a complete service for maintaning every aspect of your office IT infrastructure...

  • Wired or wireless network installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Cloud computing
  • Cisco Systems network installation, configuration and support
  • Software maintenance, installation and updates
  • Supply of computer hardware, installation and upgrades
  • Internet and network Security auditing and best practices implentation
  • Performance optimisation
  • Software licensing

Catering for growing requirements

As the complexity of your infrastructure grows, so maintenance becomes more complex. At some point you will need to call in expert assistance beyond what's practical within the organisation.


Object Media is a Microsoft Partner. We provide installation for all Microsoft business software including Operating Systems, Office Suite, Windows Server, Office 365 and other business applications. And, if your requirement or preference is for Linux, Apple or a mix of all we can help there too.


Our team has experience with enterprise hardware including Cisco Systems networking, HP/Compaq, Dell and IBM Servers as well as other major brands.