Website optimisation

These days, just about every business has a website.

This might be a simple site to let your customers know about the services you offer or products you sell right through to a complex eCommerce site for advertising and selling products on-line.

All too often, we come across web sites that essentially fail in the basics of their purpose which is to advertise, market and ultimately sell products and services.

No doubt there are many extremely cleaver web designers and, likewise there are many talented marketing experts. These skills need tocome together, unfortunately, often, they don't.

Your site, in the first instance, should convey these basic messages...

  • Who are we
  • What are we selling
  • How to buy

Your business on the web...

  • Define your business?
  • What products and services do you promote or sell?
  • Generally, how do you reach customers?
  • What role does your website have in promoting and selling your products or services?
  • What impression does your website have on visitors. Especially the home page.
  • How do you analyse visits to and within your site?
  • Are your customers able to easily get the information they need?
  • Is your site resulting in good leads and ultimately converting to sales?

This is not just about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) although that is a part of the package. The bigger picture is about maximising the effectiveness of your website and your entire on-line existance.

What we can do is to cast a critical eye over your website and provide advice on how to improve its effectiveness.

To find out more about this part of our services , please contact us.